November 2021:
Time flies. It’s already been a year since Nika, Bo and Ting arrived in the Netherlands and started their projects! We are excited to see what the next year(s) will bring!
Two Masters students have joined the lab for their thesis projects. Welcome Sadaf and Pim!

June 2021:
For the upcoming academic year, we are looking for talented MSc students eager to learn about pathway engineering in E. coli or the development of genetic tools in fungi. Please email us if you are interested!
Our new lab space for working with fungi is almost ready. We are just waiting for the gas lines to be connected and then we are good to go!

March 2020:
We are happy to welcome our new postdoc, Riccardo, to the team. He just defended his PhD thesis in the last week of February and dove right into his new research topic in the Haslinger lab. Welcome aboard!

Congratulations, Rosa, on the publication of your review on Genetics and Genomics of Endophytic Fungi for Bioprospecting Efforts. Awesome to see hard work paying off!

October 2020:
Early Christmas at the department: new shakers for the Schmidt and Haslinger labs and the entire department.

August 2020:
Nika Sokolova accepted a PhD position in the Haslinger lab. Originally from Odesa, Ukraine, Nika graduated this year from Maastricht University cum laude. We are excited to welcome her to the lab in November 2020!

July 2020:
Mrs. Ting He from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Mr. Bo Peng from Hubei University received scholarships from the Chinese Scholarship Council to enroll in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen and join the Haslinger lab as PhD students in the fall of 2020. Congratulations Ting and Bo! We are excited to welcome you to the team!

June 2020:
First B.Sc students successfully complete their B.Sc thesis in the Haslinger lab. Congratulations Sadaf Deravi and Kahramen Gercek! It’s been a pleasure e-working with you during the Coronavirus lockdown.

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